Join Jessica Heaney, Vail's relationship therapist, and Jim Thomas, an expert in addiction and attachment.

Together, they'll explore how substance use impacts our ability to feel  close, connected and secure in relationships. 

When: April 20th
Where: Eagle-Vail Pavillion
Time: 5:30-7pm 

  • Myths of Use

    Gain clarity around what substance abuse actually is and what creates addictive behavior

  • Trauma + Disconnection

    When we struggle to rely on or trust in those we love, trauma can soon follow. Understand how these powerful dynamics take shape.

  • Secrets of Shame

    Shame is often a driving force behind substance use. And it thrives on secrecy.

  • Friends, Family and Professionals

    This event is crucial for everyone facing and being impacted by substance use. If you're worried about someone you love or you work closely with individuals struggling, you need to be here.

You want to be a better, more loving partner...

Join us for this important, informative, and judgement free conversation.

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  • Jim Thomas is recognized as one of just over 30 Certified Emotionally Focused Therapy Trainers in the world, Jim brings a diverse clinical background to his work. In addition he co-developed important training courses in working with Shame and working with Addiction using EFT.

Don't hesitate...

This event is valued at over $65 per ticket. Because of the importance of this conversation, Jim and Jessica want to ensure it is accessible to everyone in the community. We are also grateful for the sponsorship of both the Colorado Center of EFT and the Eagle-Vail Pavilion.  

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Most of us are impacted in some way, shape, or form by substance use, abuse and addiction

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Who should attend? 

Everyone. Seriously. Because most everyone is in someway impacted by substance use, abuse and addiction. If you've wondered about if your own use may be impacting your relationships, sign up. If you've worried about someone you love and don't know what to do, sign up. If you just want to be more informed, perfect, we can't wait to see you there! 

If you've said or thought the following, this event will be helpful + insightful: 

  • I'm an adult. I deserve a few drinks after work
  • We live in a ski resort, drinking + partying is the life style. 
  • I'm worried my partner won't stop drinking, smoking pot, doing cocaine, etc
  • It's only wine... not like it's a fifth of whiskey
  • I want to "grow up" but my partner doesn't seem to want to
  • I can stop drinking/using any time. I've done it before... 
  • Jessica Heaney is Vail Valley's only Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist. She is passionate about helping individuals and couples discover healthy secure relationships.

Start understanding the impact substances have on your relationships

And know how to foster secure loving relationships!

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